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Master Of Jobs is an online portal for job preparation. Here anyone can join for preparing yourself for getting a governmental job. We/Master Of Jobs provide various educational trainings for the upcoming competitive exams. Here you can prepare for WB Primary TET, WBCS, SSC, WBSSC, WBPSC, Bank, Rail, IBPS, MTS and more. All the services have not been launched. Our development team is working hard to launch all the services as soon as possible. So, dear learners keep patience, you will be notified once the project is done. Actually, the technology revolution is going on in INDIA. Sorry, not only in India over the whole world. But the speed of tech revolution of India is too fast. All the analog systems are being shifted to digital system. Not only the education, everything is being converted from analog to digital. You may also call it digital revolution. In this era, education in the classroom is very limited. That’s why education system is being to the digital classroom. And for this reason, we’ve created this platform digital classroom, digital environment, digital portal for various job preparation. People also are joining in these digital platforms. Master Of Jobs is also working to provide you the best education services digitally. So, you just set your goal, chose a course which is provided by us, follow our strategies and techniques and achieved success. By the way, the service is on behalf of Advanced Computer Academy. Thanks for reading.

The Master Of Jobs Team

Our Unique Features

One Stop Solution for All Exam Needs


Making Money is not our aim. Our aim is to give you the best service and see you to achieve success. We've started with a single job category, but our aim to reach every job seeker.

Your Goal

Every student's goal should be one. That's why you should focus on a single job category. So, you just set your goal. The success will be in your hand. For this reason we don't allow any student to choose multiple jobs on our portal.

Our Experts

Learn from the experts who have already succeeded or got a job in your job category.. We’ve subject experts who teach you the specific subject by the guidance of that succeeded job seekers.

Limited Course Fee

To keep this platform live, we are charging a very limited course fee. You know, there are costs, such as website development fee, app development, internet handling fee, contributors' fee - a lot of fees we need to pay every month. So, to keep this platform clean (Ads Free) - you have to contribute a little amount of money.

Our Platform

We are trying to build an advanced platform for job seekers. Our platform is available for Desktop PC, Laptop, iPhone, iMac, Smartphones. You can use our web version portal or you can download our Android apps as per your job category.


We know, you have a lot of questions in your mind. No problem, now all the issues will be resolved within a few minutes. That’s why we’ve created an open discussion forum. You can ask anything related to your job category. Our experts will reply to you within 24 hours. Alternatively other users also may reply to your question.

100% Ads Free

Nothing is free in this world. Everything is chargable. No one can give you this kind of service for free. If anyone gives you a free service, that means they are monetizing their content in other ways. May be they are selling your personal data. May be they are showing ads ton their platform and generating revenue. Unwanted ads may interrupt your concentration, that's why we've made it 100% ads free.


We think, no support will be required to you. If you need any kind of technical support, then you may call us at 8906 693 993 (Mon-Sat, 11 AM - 4 PM), or you can mail us at contact@masterofjobs.com . - If you need questions or jobs related support, then you have to ask in the forum.

Privacy & Security

We’ve never sale/share any kind of personal data (Such as: Name, Date of birth, phone number etc) of our users to anybody. PayTM is our payment partner, so you guys never afraid to make payment while subscribing to a course. PayTM will take care of it.